Golden Tips Tea

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Golden Tips Tea offered by us here is a highly sought after exotic grade of White tea, manufactured in small quantities with tea leaf buds. This tea is manufactured organically, as it is harvested and plucked by hand and then leaves are dried/withered in the sunlight.

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Golden Tips Tea is a very rare exotic variety of The Ceylon white tea, that has been sourced off a tea garden in the Kandy region of Sri Lankan hill country. This could be the most expensive and exclusive Sri Lankan Tea. This is a fully organic tea, similar to Silver Tips Tea. This tea is similar to Silver Needles teas, but has a slight tint of Gold color. This grade can be prepared only in very small quantities. Gold Tips Liquor
Lighter liquor from the Golden tips tea

It is made of tea buds/tips off a specific tea plant variety. So these are harvested carefully by hand and dried/withered in the direct sunlight, for retaining it’s Gold color appearance. Also these teas are well-known for retaining their antioxidant properties of tea leaves, compared to teas made with other processing methods. Due to these properties, these are a popular choice of among elite health conscious consumers.

This White tea has to be brewed for a slightly longer time compared to other teas (4-5 mins). And it should be brewed with water temperature below the boiling point (75-80°C or 167-176°F). Generally, Gold tips tea has a very light liquor with a pale golden coppery infusion. It consists of a very subtle taste that has slight notes of pine & honey and a unique fragrance.

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Weight N/A
Handling Time

5 – 7 days

Manufactured date

Manufactured within 30 days before the date of purchase. Newest batch of tea will be dispatched to buyer.

Expiration Date

Expires in 6 Months from the date of purchase. Once shipping package has been unpacked, it has to be stored in an Air-tight jar to avoid moisture.


Quantity – 1 or 2 Teaspoons
Brewing time – 4 to 5 mins
Temperature – 75 to 80°C


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