Green Tea

Ceylon Green Tea generally has a full bodied liquor with a strong flavor. Compared to Black teas these teas retains anti-oxidants and other nutrients more, due to the manufacturing method used to make Green Teas.Due to this Green Teas are popular around the world for their health benefits.

Ceylon Green tea consists of polyphenols which reduce cholesterol levels and helps lower blood pressure. Also it consists of high levels of catechins which relax blood vessels and prevents clots. These characteristics help reduce the risk of Heart disease and Strokes. Also these Teas are found to improve brain functionality and reduce the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Green tea is also a popular diet supplement, known to help lose weight by helping to burn fat and enhance metabolism. Many other health benefits are also found such as improving oral health and helping fight bone related health conditions. Many medical research reports can be found on the internet, which state benefits of Green tea.

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